Check out our latest adventure with Tom Shuffle – Extreme Let’s Play it is :)



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“What a day!” was not only the motto but the matter when we met MotoGP driver Stefan Bradl at Red Bull Ring. See for yourself :)


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Format67 honors the history and innovation of a German industrial legend.

In the making we have discovered that a family-run company is unlike any other enterprise.
Rather than economy, it is a journey, shared by people with a common passion.
Featuring Team Driftbrothers, this clip is about aspiration and faith.

Many things pass, but some remain forever.

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http://www.borbet.com & http://www.this-is-borbet.de
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Team Driftbrothers // http://www.driftbrothers.com

Anthony Rother


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Get some insight on Team Driftbrothers: http://www.fueltopia.co.uk/profiles/blogs/feature-drifting-fro-all

It’s a piece of art.


One of our most exciting events this year was Reisbrennen 2013. Thanks to Format67 you can see why:


While enjoying Truck-Grand-Prix at Nürburgring, we also enjoy the great pleasure of meeting drifting legend KEN NOMURA a.k.a. Nomuken from Japan


An extraordinary experience caught on video in an astonishing way – this brings back how much fun King of Europe in Greinbach was.

Awesome cars, some of the best drivers in Europe + killer track equals KOE in Greinbach – straight 9epic! See for yourself!

…this is why we love it.

Video by: 9EPIC / Drift.ro


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New Year





Check out some really nice footage of our trip to Baku:



Even though the season is almost over Team Driftbrothers still has some highlights coming up:

The Driftbrothers are part of the Baku City Challenge! (25-28 October 2012)

Check out Sport1 + coverage on 27 and 28 October, 13-14:50h!


Don’t miss this:


Whole movie on DVD and BluRay can be preordered here: http://www.format67.net/?show=wwts


—- Read what sleazemag says about the Driftbrothers @ Sport1 Trackday —-



Check out the trailer by Format67 featuring Team-Driftbrothers:



New look!

As you can see, we finally made it – the relaunch of our website has started! We’ll keep on working on the features of the site so make sure to come back and visit us here!

Check out our latest adventures @ Nürburgring:


Dark-White finally back on track

JE dropping some dirt


Long time – no see!

But there were some reasons for us  being “away” for quite a bit. It was an amazing ride with quite a few stumbling blocks but a new season begins and we’re about READY to drift!

First of all and most forwardly we are proud to announce our cooperation with: BORBET! We are so happy and excited to start this new season with such a great partner. It already is a one of a kind partnership with an amazing potential for the future Team Driftbrothers has found an associate that is as extraordinary, competitive and exceptional as the Driftbrothers. A legendary association begins right now.

This season is gonna be a first in many ways. Most prominently, one will be able to see two Driftbrothers drift two cars this season. After finishing the 2010 season as Street-Champions in the IDS with one car, Eli and Joe couldn’t roll together in 2011. Eli went on a semester abroad in sunny California, USA. Nevertheless, endless phone calls and all the other virtual and online possibilities were used to stay connected – even during races ;) Reunion in November 2011 was sweet and ever since hard work was scheduled for a great season 2012 to come.

Season opening with IDS @ Hockenheimring is coming up this weekend: http://drifting.driftsports.de/2012/05/10/drift-days-in-hockenheim/

check out JE’s new look:


The new website is in the works and will be launched soon – so make sure you’ll come back to visit!