“Smart”-repair – Driftbrothers’ style

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Sosnova…not only did Team Driftbrothers deliver really good results (Joe got a first place in IDS’ Pro Class and Eli a third place in IDS’ Street Class) – bad luck came by for another visit: In the very last tandem run Joe’s opponent tried a little too hard, collided with “Dark-White” and sent him into the next wall. They thought they were going for a re-run but it turned out that the judges had already made their decision and this last one was just an additional showrun…

Yes, you’re right – again Team Driftbrothers and friends where not ready to just bow down:

That’s what “Dark-White” looked like on Monday afternoon

With this special tool the dents were gone in no time…

…thanks to “Dr.” Riker

filling the side wall

filling the rear bumper

filling and grinding the front bumper

wet grinding the side wall


masking the car

all together in the spray booth

the second master at work…

spraying everything nice and clean

tadaaahh: reassembled and polished

…better than before “Dark White” ready to take off to the grand opening of Sidney Industries

Everybody: this all happened in just 4 days! The next event was right around the corner and without the precious help of “Dr.” Toni Riker and Ingo Hospach this wouldn’t have been possible! Big THANKS to you guys!

Stay tuned for more exciting coverage of our events…

P.S.: despite the little incident we quite some fun in Sosnova – check out the chase video of  “Dark-White”:


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